About Us

What Makes Attwood Funerals Different?

First and foremost we are people and funeral directors second – so you will find us relaxed and approachable and wearing everyday clothes, not the usual sombre black attire. We have gleaned experience in the funeral world for many years in a wide range of places so we can help you realise your wish traditional or modern, simple or elaborate, religious, spiritual or non-religious, green burial or cremation or just completely bespoke – when it comes to funerals and memorials, the choice is yours.

There are no rules about what a funeral should be like. We can create a funeral that helps you remember someone who has died in the way you wish in as unique a way you wish, but always with dignity. We are there to support you through a time of grief and help you to make the choices and decisions you want. We allow you time to make the right decisions for your and your family.

Family Owned and Run

Mike and Kate by Princess Hearse

Attwood Funerals is family owned and run. Mike has worked for a variety of funeral directors over the last few years, he is a Green Fuse trained funeral director and has also been trained by Angie McLachlan and Ichabod Smith in care of the body. He has a degree with the Open University. Kate assists Mike in his work. She has been an independent funeral celebrant for ten years and member of the Association of Green Funeral Directors. Her background as a school teacher in special needs and religious education has stood her in good stead, she also practises as a psychotherapist being an NLP  Clinical Master Practitioner. She holds a degree in Law and a Master’s in Religious Education. Kate trained with Embracing Dying as a Soul Advocate and has also been trained by Angie McLachlan and Ichabod Smith in care of the body. She grew up in a rectory, her father being a parish priest and her mother a headteacher, they were both excellent role models for her.

Story of Attwood Funerals

Attwoods is a small, family funeral director founded by Mike. Here to offer a fully participative funeral service where the bereaved can truly be as involved in all aspects of the arranging, preparation and ceremony as they might wish. The name Attwood comes from Mike’s grandmother’s maiden name. Mike is supported by Kate, funeral celebrant and funeral arranger. Attwoods are a small company so you get to know us very well as we celebrate and commemorate an important life together.

Mike from Attwood Funerals


Where possible as an alternative to hiring a traditional black hearse we offer the service of transporting the coffin to the venue ourselves with our fully equipped Grand Voyager affording us a discreet and dignified method of transport. In addition in most cases, we will have the capacity to transport up to two family members along with the coffin if desired.

There is a range of other funeral vehicles which we can offer. 

What Our Clients Say

  • What can I say other than a "huge" thank you! Your service and professionalism was fantastic. Speaking with you to discuss our requirements was very relaxed and friendly.

  • Throughout the process, Kate and Mike's thoughtful gestures meant a lot to us. When we first met Kate, she gave me, my mom and my sister a sprig of rosemary each, rosemary for remembrance. On such an upsetting day this gesture brought comfort to the point where I have dried and kept the sprig safe since.

  • Kate spent a lot of time with us at the chapel at Westhope the day before the ceremony that day making sure everything was perfect decorating it with photos, candles, incense and flowers.

  • Kate and Mike allowed us to see funerals in a completely different way, as a celebration for my Dad that we could make entirely personal and special, instead of something to be afraid of. They were both very supportive, empathetic, respectful and accommodating through all our ups and downs during the process of planning the funeral. Kate and Mike took care of all the paperwork and formalities and told us exactly what we needed to do our end which made it a lot easier for us as we had no idea about the formalities that had to happen. Kate and Mike were very attentive and made regular appointments to come out to see us. As we developed more ideas for the ceremony, they found a way to make everything happen the way we wanted it. They also suggested low cost options and wanted to save us money wherever possible. For example we wanted a Land Rover to take Dad's coffin, and since we still had Dad's Land Rover, they spent time sorting it out so that Dad's coffin could fit in it to go to the ceremony (which he would have loved!)

  • Thank you for the respect and dignity you gave Mum in her last moments of public duty. The funeral was wonderful and it was just what she wanted for herself.

  • Thank you for all your guidance and support for the funeral. We were so pleased you suggested the burial ground you did, it is just perfect, as was the method of transport.

  • Thank you for sending me the transcript of the service, I will read through it on one of my good days. It was a lovely service (if funerals can be described this way) lots of people commented on it.

  • Thank you for making a sad time easier to deal with. The service was brilliant and just what we wanted, you told ‘Ann’s Story’ in just the right way.

  • We had many comments after the service on how fitting and appropriate it had been. The moment of reflection was especially noted as having brought a sense of peace and calm for several people. Thank you also for the lovely pieces which you sent following the funeral. This was a wonderful gesture and, at some point, will bring solace to reflect on.

  • The words you spoke were beautiful and you really captured his essence. You had clearly thought hard about what you would say and the reading you would use which helped bring comfort on such a difficult occasion.