Bereavement Support

Pre-Bereavement Counselling – Soul Advocacy

The Task of the Soul Advocate is to help the individual embrace their dying process and to help those close to the dying person. A soul advocate listens empathically with inner flexibility, a non-judgmental attitude with unconditional, steadfast and loving presence.The purpose of the Soul Advocate is to help the individual embrace their own dying process.

In times gone by dying was embraced by the family and the community as a whole; the children were always included in this natural life event. Today dying and death, in general, is not so easily talked about. Such thoughts are often pushed away until either we are faced with the death of a loved one or our own mortality. In the last phase of life there may be a need for resolution, be this emotional, financial or practical. There may be a need for forgiveness, saying farewell and finding the way to a sense of peace and acceptance. These are just some of the areas where through the knowledge of a Soul Advocate in shared conversation and empathic listening, the individual may be supported in the identifying and working through of their own dying process.

  • The dialogue between the client and the Soul Advocate may include considerations such as:
  • Who would you like to be with you at the end of your life or not?
  • Would you like someone you could call to act as your proxy?
  • Would you like to be active in the decision-making at this time?
  • Have you considered making a living will or leaving some wishes?
  • Is the creation of a sacred environment for yourself an important factor?
  • Would you like to create a memory book of your life?
  • Does dying alone evoke fear?
  • Have you considered the need for pain management and its effect on your ability to relate your needs?
  • Would you like the possibility of creating your own end of life plan and funeral service?

I was trained by Cathie Green from Embracing Dying, a training with an Anthroposophical influence.

For more information contact: or 07806 301328

Bereavement Support Group

Attwood Funerals believes in aftercare, it is for this reason that we offer a monthly bereavement group which is open to our clients, free of charge. The group is run by our very good friend Kate Spohrer, a trained counsellor, psychotherapist and funeral celebrant. We invite all families who have suffered bereavement over the past few months to this meeting and its aim is to try and share ideas and experiences with a view to helping the bereaved move forward, positively and carefully. You may feel you just want to come along once to talk through your feelings or just to share with others the process of bereavement that you are going through at the moment.

Groups are run in Wolverley.

For more information contact: or 07806 301328