Easter Message

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At Easter time we are reminded of new life. Images of eggs and bunnies abound. When we are grieving the loss of someone close that image of new life can be hard to comprehend. Is it possible to take a cue from nature and see the spring of Easter as a form of renewal after death? Everyone knows that in nature after death follows some form of renewal. When we are plunged into grief, we are forced to author a new life story and to reconstruct our own meaning. Grief has to manifest in many ways, being both intensely personal as well as inherently social, we need our personal grief to be heard, in whatever way is right for each of us, some by questioning, reflecting, adapting, some perhaps by accepting, accommodating or adjusting . Only you can develop this ongoing sense of connection with your loved one in whatever way is right for you, and when you are ready you will be able to find the learning in your experience.

Easter Blessings from Mike and Kate