Funeral Transport


Where possible as an alternative to hiring a traditional black hearse we offer the service of transporting the coffin to the venue ourselves with our fully equipped Grand Voyager affording us a discreet and dignified method of transport. In addition in most cases, we will have the capacity to transport up to two family members along with the coffin if desired.

There is also a range of other funeral vehicles which you might like to consider from motorcycles with sidecars to trikes to classic cars such as a beautiful Morris Minor or Rolls Royce Phantom.  All prices shown are estimates based on a standard service in the local area.


Funeral Transport

Traditional Hearse

two hearse vehicles


Eco Hearse

eco leaft electric hearse

Est. £300.00

Volkswagen Camper - Split Screen Silver

VW Split Screen Silver

Est. £669.00

Volkswagen Camper - White

VW WhiteEst. £669.00

Jaguar Hearse


Morris Minor

morris minor with coffin

Est. £639.00

Black Horse Drawn Carriage

Black horse drawn hearse

Est. £700.00

White Horse Drawn Carriage

White horse drawn hearse

Est. £700.00

Triumph Thunderbird

triumph motorbike with hearse sidecar

Est. £975.00

Triumph Bonneville

triumph motorbike with hearse sidecar

Est. £975.00

Suzuki Hayabusa

suzuki motorbike with hearse sidecar

Est. £975.00

Harley Davidson Electra Glide

harley davidson motorbike with hearse sidecar

Est. £996.00


trike with hearse

Price on request