Home Funerals

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Attwood Funerals is committed to helping you organise the funeral you want. Sometimes people want to do all of the paperwork arrangements themselves but may need some help with caring for the person who has died. 

Sometimes for religious, cultural or just personal choice families want to keep their loved one at home after they have died. In English law if a person’s death is expected, the coroner is not involved and the attending doctor is happy to sign the paperwork there is no legal requirement to move them.

Families can keep their loved one at home for a few hours or sometimes several days so that family and friends can visit. 

We can help by providing cooling equipment and being on hand should the family need any help washing and dressing or any other advice to help things run smoothly. If at any time the family feel they would like their loved one taken into our care we can make all the necessary arrangements swiftly and smoothly. We call this a ‘Home Funeral’. 

Attwood Funerals is here to help you to celebrate a life in a way that aids you in your grieving and healing, sometimes keeping your loved one at home is a good thing to do, there’s no need to rush.