New Spacious Chapel at Attwood Funerals

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At Attwoods we are always trying to develop new ways and options for funeral services, allowing as much customisation and flexibility as possible for every family we help.

Our latest development is to enlarge our chapel of rest to allow for the accommodation of small, intimate services on our premises, away from the stress and restrictions of standard venues.

Attwood Chapel allows for small services for groups of up to 18 (give or take a few) people at our premises on Marlpool Lane. The chapel can be used as a lower cost and more intimate alternative to a service at the crematorium or other venue.

For example, a service following or preceding a low cost direct cremation, or before heading to a cemetery.

The advantages of using the chapel are:

  • No time limits or restrictions. We can arrange the service for any day or time and you won’t be limited to a short time slot.
  • You can decorate the chapel without restrictions. If you would like to decorate the chapel in any way then we will work together to help you with this.
  • No need for vehicle hire. As the service will take place on site, you won’t need to pay for a hearse. There is plenty of on road parking.
  • Small, intimate gathering for up to 18 people
  • Tea, coffee and cake included!

The chapel is intended for use by people who would like a smaller gathering or wish to have a direct cremation but would like some form of funeral service as well.

We are also launching a new Direct Cremation + option for £1595. For this additional fee we will allow use of the chapel for a ceremony and provide a celebrant. This will allow for a complete service at a much lower cost than standard alternative.