The Funeral

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Our Approach

Studies and our own personal experience have shown that family involvement and empowerment throughout the funeral process is fundamental to the grieving and healing process. We at Attwood Funerals willingly involve families in all aspects of the funeral preparation, from dressing the deceased, to carrying the coffin on the day of the funeral. We are a small family company and we work with your family as a team.

The deceased can be dressed in their own clothes, or we can use natural cotton shrouds. We prefer gentle and respectful preparation of the body, as through experience we know that embalming is an invasive and unnecessary procedure in most cases.

Coffins and urns where possible are made from natural, sustainable materials, such as willow, bamboo, untreated pine, cardboard and recycled paper.

Green Funerals


Traditional or modern, simple or elaborate, religious, spiritual or non-religious, green burial or cremation or just completely bespoke our approach and philosophy is to respect the deceased, the bereaved family and friends, and our environment.

We offer coffins that are made from natural, sustainable materials, such as solid pine, woven willow or bamboo, cardboard or recycled paper, choosing a coffin made of natural materials significantly reduces the amount of impurities passed into the atmosphere at cremation or the ground at burial.

The Funeral


We believe that every funeral can be a unique experience, truly representing the life, beliefs and wishes of the deceased, as well as their friends and family. We aim to help you create a funeral ceremony that will aid your grieving and your healing.
The funeral ceremony can be within a church, a cemetery, a woodland burial site, a crematorium, at someone’s home or on private land with appropriate permission.
Although cremation remains a popular choice, there is a growing trend towards burial and particularly in woodland sites, where the planting of a tree or flowering bulbs acts as a natural grave marker and over time a nature reserve is created.

Cremation or Burial?

We offer choice and information so that families can make clear decisions about the kind of burial or cremation service they want. Our funeral support covers North Worcestershire, Wolverhampton and south west The Black Country areas, our most local links are with woodland burial sites and traditional council-run cemeteries in Redditch, Stourbridge, Wyre Forest, Westall Park Green Burial Ground in Inkberrow, Wrottesley Park in Wolverhampton , Westhope Green Burial Ground in Craven Arms.

Woodland burials have become increasingly popular in recent years, as awareness has grown through television and newspaper articles. Designed to create an area of natural beauty, graves and ashes plots are only identified with the planting of trees and natural markers, rather than traditional and permanent headstones.

Woodland settings offer a more relaxed right of passage, with families and friends often taking a more active part, as the body is returned to the earth in a biodegradable coffin.

Traditional Cemeteries remain very popular, and particularly when other family members have been buried at the same site. We can arrange a burial at cemeteries of your choice subject to cemetery requirements.

Our wide choice of coffins, made from natural, sustainable materials, such as solid pine, woven willow or bamboo, cardboard or recycled paper also help to reduce the impact on the environment.


We try to use environmentally friendly coffins and caskets sourced from companies such as


We can also provide felt shrouds created by

Bamboo fabric shrouds are also available as are cardboard coffins if desired.