Breakdown of Charges


At Attwood Funerals we believe in price transparency. We believe that a respectful funeral service should be available to all at an affordable price. Our business model is simple and centers around fairness, honesty and vocation. You can be sure with us that there will be no unexpected or unexplained costs added on.

Breakdown of charges

In the interest of transparency and helping you make informed decisions, we have included a list of estimated costs for the various aspects of our services:

Please note that these prices are estimates and guidelines and not set in stone, we pride ourselves on transparency and also flexibility and that includes costs. We will always do everything we can to get you the best possible service without breaking the bank.

Funeral Services:

  • Our Professional Fees including bringing the deceased into our care in working hours, care until the day of the funeral, staff transportation, home visits, consultation, planning, paperwork, co-ordination, liaison and funeral director on the day ~ £1400
  • Bringing someone into our care out of office hours (5pm-8am) ~ £100
  • Supply of fully fitted coffins and shrouds to fit all tastes ~ from £325.
  • Collection outside of our normal working area 25 mile radius of Kidderminster) ~ £1 per mile (additional for both inside and outside of normal working hours).
  • Additional visits to the chapel of rest ~ £30 per
  • Transporting your loved one to the chosen crematorium or burial site in our private ambulance (within 25 miles of Kidderminster) ~ £150
  • Professional celebrant on the day ~ £225
  • Extra bearers and clerks on the day of the funeral ~ £50 per member of staff.

All prices are estimates only.

funeral director in front of bike and sidecar
  • Grave preparation for burial ~ £400
  • Notice in local Newspaper ~ £115
  • Traditional Hearse ~ £300
  • Family Car/Limousine ~ £250
  • 25 or more Service Sheets/Order of Service (4 Page) ~ £0.90 per sheet, (8 Page) ~ £1.20 per sheet – Designed by us with your approval before printing.
  • Clerk to take names at service ~ £50
  • Doctors Fees for Cremation Certificates ~ £82

All prices are estimates only.