PSA Coronavirus (24.3.2020)

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We find ourselves in a very, very difficult position at this time. It has always been a core part of what we do here to offer as much choice and flexiblity as possible to everyone that comes to us, it is not in our nature to say no. Consequently we have looked at what we at Attwood Funerals can do for you to make this challenging time as good as it can be. We believe a funeral should be healing and therapeutic and despite being unable to bring everyone together physically we will endeavour to bring everyone together in spirit.

Following the announcement yesterday evening by the Prime Minister and guidance from other parts of the industry we will be adopting the following policies for all funeral services, effective immediately:

First and foremost is our primary recommendation is if at all possible, avoid attending a funeral service in person, we are working hard on some options and alternatives for you to being there in person for the service. Options might include a live/recorded service from our ceremony room which would be unattended. Alternatively an unattended cremation service and a memorial service at a later date when the risk has subsided.

  • In order to maintain social distancing we are unable to make arrangements for funeral services at our offices or clients homes, all arrangements will need to be made over phone, email or other electronic method, this is in order to maintain social distancing and protect both our staff and members of the public.
  • We will no longer provide limousines for transportation of immediate family to funeral services.
  • Crematoria are limiting attendance at services we strongly suggest for your own safety close family only. At this time the maximum is 18 at Stourbridge Crematorium and 10 at Wyre Forest Crematorium. Any other arrivals will risk being turned away at the door. However the situation is changing daily and without notice.
  • During any service, mourners will be seated at least 2 metres apart.
  • We strongly suggest anyone who has any symptoms of the virus, or is vulnerable to it, should not attend the service.
  • We will, where possible provide recordings and/or live streaming of services.
  • We strongly suggest that funeral service times are not advertised, for example newspaper notices, to reduce the risk of other well-meaning mourners arriving unexpectedly.
  • Donation boxes will no longer be placed at the venue, however we offer an online donation facility.

If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch by phone or email, we will do our best to answer your question immediately and to give you the latest guidance.