What is a Death Café?

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A few people recently have asked me what exactly is a Death Café. This is a good question and I hope I can answer it by saying it is a safe, respectful space where you can feel comfortable sharing your questions, curiosity, fears, beliefs and stories about any/all aspects of death, grief, mourning, bereavement, and eat cake and drink tea.

I have run many Death Cafes over the last few years and there is always a great amount of laughter as well and sometimes a few tears.

The founder of the Death Café movement, Jon Underwood tragically and suddenly died at the end of June, he was only 44 . Jon did so much to help people have open and honest conversations about death. Through his work he inspired many people around the world to hold Death Cafes. He will be very much missed, but we plan to continue his work as he would have wanted and as he would have been glad to see. Jon promoted awareness of our mortality and urged us all to live each day fully. If we all remember that each day could be our last we can live with more compassion and end each day feeling satisfied with our life.

I heard someone say the other day that each night before sleep they pondered on what their deathbed self would say to them about how they had lived their life. Now that’s what I call a question.

If you would like to discuss life and death come along to our next Death Café, or if you would like us to come and set up a Death Café at your group, club, pub, café, workplace, nursing home, church please contact Kate on 07806301328 kate@attwoodfunerals.co.uk www.attwoodfunerals.co.uk