When Death Occurs


At Attwood Funerals we know how important it can be for families to be fully involved in the preparation for a funeral and we happily involve families in all aspects of the funeral preparation. We are a small family company and we work with your family as a team throughout the process. We believe this is fundamental to your grieving and healing.

Your loved one can be dressed in their own clothes or a cotton shroud. We prepare the body gently without the use of harsh chemicals. We can massage with aromatherapy oils specially chosen for their anointing quality.

We offer a range of coffins and urns which are locally made and from sustainable sources. We can source coffins and urns from further afield to suit each family’s needs.

When Death Occurs

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For more information please visit www.gov.uk/after-a-death/overview

When death occurs at home inform the doctor as soon possible that death has occurred. He/she may write out the Medical Certificate of Death when he/she visits the house or may request you attend the surgery for this purpose.

You need to have informed the doctor of the death before we can take your loved one into our care. You need not rush to have your relative removed if you want to spend a few hours or more with them that is fine. Call us when you feel ready and will we act swiftly to carry out your wishes.

When death occurs in the hospital the procedure is very similar. Apply to the hospital for the Medical Certificate of Death and not your family doctor.

When the death has been reported to the Coroner, the procedure is somewhat different. The Coroner and his officers are working in your interest. No doctor will issue a Medical Certificate of Death. This will be sent by the Coroner to the Registrar’s Office in the district where the death occurred after contact has been made with the Coroner’s office.

Cremation or Burial

We offer choice and information so that families can make clear decisions about the kind of burial or cremation service they want. Our funeral support covers North Worcestershire, Wolverhampton and south west The Black Country areas, our most local links are with woodland burial sites and traditional council-run cemeteries in Redditch, Stourbridge, Wyre Forest, Westall Park Green Burial Ground in InkberrowWrottesley Park in Wolverhampton , Westhope Green Burial Ground in Craven Arms.

Woodland burials have become increasingly popular in recent years, as awareness has grown through television and newspaper articles. Designed to create an area of natural beauty, graves and ashes plots are only identified with the planting of trees and natural markers, rather than traditional and permanent headstones.

Woodland settings offer a more relaxed right of passage, with families and friends often taking a more active part, as the body is returned to the earth in a biodegradable coffin.

Traditional Cemeteries remain very popular, particularly when other family members have been buried at the same site. We can arrange a burial at cemeteries of your choice subject to cemetery requirements.


Traditional Funerals

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You may wish to have a traditional, formal all black funeral either in church or at a crematorium or burial ground. Here at Attwood’s we can provide a black hearse and limousines for family, formally dressed professional pall bearers, and your hearse will be paged by our funeral director Mike dressed in frock coat and top hat for the last several hundred yards. The courtege all looks very dignified, respectful and impressive.

Traditional wooden coffins are available in an oak and mahogany finish with wooden, chrome or brass coloured finish handles.

You may wish to have your loved one brought to your home for the night before the funeral, or to have some time with them in our rooms in Kidderminster.

You may also wish to have formal invitations for the funeral sent out, we can arrange printing for this and assist you with the mailing.

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Natural Burials

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More people are opting for a Natural Burial where an environmentally friendly cardboard or willow coffin, or woollen or bamboo cloth shroud, or even a sheet if you prefer, can be used.

There is a growing number of natural burial grounds in the area providing a beautiful space to bury your loved one. Some natural burial grounds have their own building or chapel where a service can take place before the burial, just as you would at a local churchyard.

Benefits of natural burial grounds can include them being beautiful tranquil places to visit which can be beneficial to grieving and healing. A natural burial ground enables the land to go back to nature after the burial which can also help the grieving process, we all have to go back to nature.  Some will allow you to plant a tree or some bulbs to naturalise.

Rather than have a large memorial stone a natural burial ground will often only allow a small flat plaque with the name of the deceased and maybe a few words.

A beautiful thing about a natural burial is that there are no time restrictions as there are at a crematorium. If you want to take all day over the ceremony that is fine. You can be as creative as you like and in this way the ceremony can be a very therapeutic and healing experience.

Direct Cremations

Sometimes the deceased has stated that they don’t want a funeral or a formal ceremony, or they may have no family and a direct cremation could be the most suitable option.

A direct cremation is the low cost way of having a funeral.

The cremation will happen in a simple and private way early in the day. While the crematorium allow no family to attend the service, all Attwoods direct cremations are carried out with the same the high standards and level of dignity as any funeral service we conduct.

As standard we provide a high quality scatter tube, in a range of styles.

The ashes can be provided in a container which can be used to scatter the ashes in a place of choice, or the ashes can be scattered in the garden of remembrance at the crematorium, or brought to a memorial ceremony or interred in the ground somewhere appropriate. There are lots of options. The benefit of a direct cremation is that you can arrange a ceremony at a place and time to suit you, you can take as long as you like on the day and the direct cremation is usually the most economical option you can choose.

Direct cremation is becoming more and more popular and allows for more flexibility in commemorating a life.

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